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Tiny Dinosaurs on Titan Video Installation, 2019

"If we were all already normative and heterosexual to begin with in our desires, orientations, and modes of being, then presumably we would not need such strict parental guidance to deliver us all to our common destinies of marriage, child rearing, and hetero-reproduction. If you believe that children need training, you assume and allow for the fact that they are always already anarchic and rebellious, out of order and out of time." - Jack Halberstam, The Queer Art of Failure

Tiny Dinosaurs on Titan examines domination in different forms and searches for ways of dealing with the unknown in an embracing and non-defining way. The video work engages with how the past and the future is being speculated, by showing occasions such as a children’s museum in Izmir, the natural history museum in Berlin, a children drawing book on how to draw ghosts and a swinging hammock. Tiny Dinosaurs on Titan is part of the project ‘A Horn in the Neck’ which discusses the speculative space between reality and representation both as a material and a framework.

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