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The Autistic Turn Installation, Book, Multimedia Reading Performance, 2018-2019

The Autistic Turn is a project which includes an artist’s book and spreads itself into other forms and media. The project deals with affective computing and neurodiversity in intersectional waters. Autistic turn comes after the previous turns such as the affective turn and other western feminist turns and aims to bring a fresh wave.

"Affective turn was very fine but then it went too far by encouraging everyone to be expressive and by doing so the affective turn was condemned to peter out. Just like what happens to every turn one day. Now the time has come for a new turn, and it is the autistic one."

First launched at Mz Baltazar's Lab in Vienna, collaboration with Andara Shastika in a sound performance called Shy Performance led to a Mini CD album. It consists of readings of the texts from the book The Autistic Turn voiced by Andara Shastika and cut-up sounds partly composed partly mixed by Ipek Burçak.

Href Zine

The Autistic Turn was guest at Href Zine, Landscapes - Technoid Natures - Symbioses, published in Bremen in 2021, edited by Lotta Stöver and Nathalie Gebert.

The Autistic Turn was in Crip Magazine's 5th issue as part of the 17th Istanbul Biennial, 2022.