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Secure Shell Installation, 2018

Secure Shell is a collaborative work created together with Eren Ileri in the framework of PifCamp, a camp in Trenta, Slovenia in 2018 where artists, musicians, coders, researchers meet to create collaborative site specific projects within a week. Secure Shell is a self sustainable station in the woods where camp participants and visitors can situate themselves, connect its own wifi network and command it via their mobile phones/devices to display its content varying from an image of a YouTuber who assulted YouTube’s California headquarters protesting the company’s policies, to techno-socialist memes and texts on ecofeminism. Secure Shell offers a place to be on one's own and communicate with the device, and it consists of an e-ink screen, Raspberry Pi, a wi-fi chip, solar power bank and styrofoam and acrylic casing.

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