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What if the externalities came to life Installation, 2023

Based on the murals around Alexanderplatz, such as the one at the Haus des Reisens (House of Travel) or at the Haus des Lehrers (House of the Teacher), the artist Ipek Burçak examines in her work What if the externalities came to life (2023) how ideas of society, work, and community are visualized in the capitalist system. The (partition) wall piece, created for the exhibition, runs organically through the center of the gallery and shows various people (groups) in work situations on their laptops. Burçak generated this collage of images in the minimalist graphic style of "flat illustration" using open source AI. The visual language was originally developed for Facebook in 2017 and has since become ubiquitous in tech apps like Google and Adobe. In the multiplication and compilation of these generic images, the illusion of a work culture simultaneously characterized by diversity and collectivity becomes visible as such. The individualism sought in capitalism turns out to be uniformity.

The exhibition Der Raum überwindet Zeit und Mensch (Space Overcomes Time and Man) takes its title from the copper relief Der Mensch überwindet Zeit und Raum (1971) by Walter Womacka on the southeast side of the Haus des Reisens (House of Travel), an 18-story GDR building situated in the immediate vicinity of Alexanderplatz. The twenty-four meter wide and five meter high relief is framed by planetary motives such as water, birds and tree branches. In the center are the three heads of a cosmonaut and two people, whose gazes and dynamic gestures point to the upper left corner of the picture, where a flaming sunmoon is depicted.

Excerpt from the exhibition text written by Johanna Janssen
"Der Raum überwindet Zeit und Mensch" - Galerie Im Turm
Ipek Burçak, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Audrey & Maxime Jean-Baptiste, Andrea Pichl
Curated by Johanna Janssen

Photos: Eric Tschernow

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