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Bad Feelings

Bad Feelings pt. II is an interactive game prototype that deals with issues of mental health based on personal and collective experiences, aiming to normalize bad feelings and problematize the mechanisms behind them. Referring to affect theories of Ann Cvetkovich and Sarah Ahmed, among others, Bad Feelings pt. II thematizes why some people are more likely to get depressed or feel bad rather than others. Gaps in society caused by class, race, sex and ableism affect mental health and, in turn, enlarge these gaps once more. This cycle recreates the existing power mechanisms by giving the advantaged more power, possibilities and access while costing extra time and energy for the disadvantaged and pushing them aside.

Bad Feelings pt. II is a continuation of Bad Feelings pt. I, starring hacked McDonald’s animal toys talking about hopes and depression. Bad Feelings pt. II is created with support of popplattform.de, a platform for interactive comics made by Katharina Röser and Matthias Hartmann.

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